In a word: “Pirate-FANATICS”

We’re pirtate-a-holics. As long as it has a patch-eye, peg-leg, hook-hand, cutlass & flintlock, has a parrot that squaks "pieces of eight!" or proudly flies the colors of the skull & crossbones…WE LOVE IT! You name it…recreation fairs, tall-ships festivals, pirate events, riveting swashbuckler films, Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland…we love it all!

We’re also designers and illustrators.

And if there is one thing we have constantly noticed in the world, it is a severe LACK of good pirate stuff to wear out and about in daily life. Every time we’d find a maritime shop or an online “pirate store” it’s always the same old things: Bad Jolly Rogers on cheap t-shirts and a few other sparse designs that have been Xeroxed so many time they have no “EDGE” to them anymore. We wanted MORE. We wanted a slick Blackbeard shirt to wear with a hip black sportscoat. We wanted a sexy black tanktop cool enough to wear to a club…emblazoned with a GOOD version of the Calico Jack flag! Maybe even some fun original skull & crossbones themed clothing that extended to our individual obsessions…sushi, skiing, wine-tasting, cycling, bear-baiting, shark-wrestling, hang-gliding in electrical storms while carrying large amounts of metal...

Our answer to this dilemma?

This Particular, extremely-specialized business.