After THIRTEEN years of bringing you the largest selection of pirate-themed t shirts on the planet, PirateMod is about to do a major PURGE!!

This month, we will be launching a new sleeker, more easy-to-navigate website, with a smaller selection of the very best pirate designs,
as well as new limited release designs that will appear briefly and then vanish into the night...

But part of this process is a MAJOR HOUSECLEANING of many of our specialty, older or more unusual designs.
In just over a week, we will be discontinuing the designs below - so if you want one or more of them...or you've ever thought:
"Hey...that's cool - I should get that!"....this is your last chance EVER.

We thought it was important that we give you warning, and a final "shot across the bow" to let you know that many of our great designs
will DISAPPEAR forever . Click on any design you want a better look at... (and if you want to read more: see the lower right.)

In with the old, and out with the new...

It's been a pleasure and a joy creating SO MANY fun pirate-themed designs over the last 13 years.

But the massively wide PirateMod selection has become an UNWIELDY MONSTER!

The website...which was never intended to have more than a few dozen items...has hundreds. It's practically impossible to keep everything in stock and fulfillment is a nightmare. The basic truth is it's hard to keep up with orders when there are so many designs and garments to choose from.

So we have made the tough decision to rebuild our website and keep only our most favorite and popular designs. The new model will be a smaller (we think BETTER) selection of garments presented in a dynamic much more easy to navigate website.

By having a smaller selection of our favorites we will be able to fulfill orders much faster.

We will also be introducing short run LIMITED EDITION designs as well...that will appear briefly and then be gone forever. Making them more unique and valued treasures!

But we DO feel that it is important to give everyone warning that we are about to discontinue roughly 80% of the designs and garments.
We're giving everyone about 2 weeks, to have a last chance to get some of these designs that you're going to miss...or maybe that you never noticed because they were buried so DEEPLY in the old-fashioned website.

Sometime in the middle of this month, the designs on this page (and maybe even others) will go away if you want to get your hooks on them, there is REALLY no time like the present!

Happy New Year, ye Blasted Barnacles!

- The PirateMod Crew