If you've visited the Sinister Candy website recently, you probably noticed our shopping cart service was not working - and many of you good people emiled us to ask what was going on. It took us a bit to realize it, but our shopping cart provider turned off our service without warning. If you've followed the trials and tribulations of Sinister Candy, then you may know this IS NOT THE FIRST TIME SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAS HAPPENED TO US!

This is not our first time something like this has happened - and obviously we are up and running with a new shopping cart (which we are quite sure will NOT get turned off). This time was not as interesting or confrontational as the first time, but rather frustrating since it came right on the tail end of finally re-building our website after the last time (which is fascinating tale of woe - see below)

It takes a fair amount of time to move all the data and rebuild the website to reflect the new html and codes...and we apologize to everyone that tried to make purchases during this time. But we're back and we're here to stay!

Thanks for your support!

The twisted family at Sinister Candy.

And NOW for some interesting reading:

Sinister Candy and the Internet: A tale of Pride and Prejudice.
(well...mostly just prejudice)

Did you shop in the Sinister Candy online store and when you went to check out using the shopping cart….found it wasn’t operating?

Did you try to place an order and got nothing but error messages?

Did you PLACE an order (or thought you did) and then never heard anything else?

Well…let us tell you a gruesome tale of woe.

One day many months ago, we noticed that we hadn’t received any orders from our thriving Sinister Candy online store in several days. “How Odd” we thought in the office…but dismissed it. “Perhaps it’s just a bad week for the economy” we bandied about as this trend of silence went on. THEN…one of us thought to check the website. It seemed okay.
THEN our webmaster tried to log into our online shopping cart service (a service located in the Midwest – which shall remain nameless until later in this story)….and discovered: Lo and Behold, it listed our service as “down.”

“Well isn’t that strange” thought our general manager – when informed of the dilemma. After much searching for a “live help” number on said service-provider’s website, she finally managed to get a hold of a help desk employee. She provided that employee with our business name and pertinent information. Upon hearing who he was dealing with, the service provider representative informed her that the shopping cart service for Sinister Candy had been turned off.
No warning was sent.
No notice.
And no reason given.

Of course she demanded to speak with someone in charge.

Almost immediately, a man referring to himself as “the owner” came onto the phone and proclaimed to her in no uncertain terms:
“Oh, YOU’RE the devil-worshippers!”

The conversation went something like this:

(we’ll call them A for our manager, and ECS for the service provider)

A: “Excuse me? What are you talking about?”

ECS: “We saw what you sell on your website and so we shut you off.”

A: “There’s nothing wrong with our website or what it sells. Some of our products have a alchemical or gothic theme – but certainly NOTHING to have to do with devil worship.”

ECS: It’s all satanic crap and we won’t provide you with service.

A: WHAT? We’ve been hosted with your shopping cart service for THREE years! And just now you’re deciding you don’t like what we sell??? This is ABSURD!”

(Imagine a long conversation wherein A tries to explain to ECS the difference between alchemy and the “craft” to satan worship. PLEASE NOTE FOR THE RECORD: We don’t disregard or devalue what ANYONE chooses to believe in….but lets call a spade a spade!)

ECS: I don’t care what you call that crap. We don’t want anything to do with it.

A: This has got to be illegal. You can’t just turn us off with no warning! You at least have to give us enough time to move service providers and rebuild our website!

ECS: No.

A: You AT LEAST have to give us access to the records so we can download all the pending information and customer order records.

ECS: No. The print on your contract says that you are not allowed to sell anything the management finds unacceptable. There is nothing you can do.

A: We can SUE you for discrimination!!!

ECS: You’re welcome to try. *click*

(back to narration)

Yes…that “click” was indeed a hang-up from the person who ultimately turned off not only our shopping cart, but also all our access to customer records and orders. Our manager tried several more times to be reasonable and discuss the matter…but to no avail. In the end, we had to find a new shopping cart provider and host, and rebuild the entire code of our online store from scratch.

Did it hurt? Yes indeed. It crippled us for a LONG time.

Were we able to sue these righteous jerks who flipped a switch and “removed our evil presence” – just because they didn’t like what we do?
They were way off in another state, MOST internet contracts *do* have a “we can turn it off if we don’t like it” clause…and so the financial risk of suing someone in another state under those circumstances was too high.

Did we learn something?
Hell yeah.
We learned that despite how blessed we are to live in an era of enlightenment, information and acceptance…there are still an awful lot of people out there who are ignorant, irrational and prejudice towards others.

Don’t let them hold any of the cards.

(By the way, if you want to know who this company was – feel free to ask us…we’ll be more than happy to tell you!
(It starts with an “e” and ends with an “oft” – oh, and there’s the word “cart in the middle)

The team at Sinister Candy.

At Sinister Candy we support all lifestyles and beliefs (as long as they cause harm to none).
Acceptance is important to us...we'd like to see everyone practice it!