How long until my order gets shipped?

Our standard current time until we ship out an order is 2-7 business days (we're always working to speed up our shipping process). We often CAN expedite an order if you really need it for a special ocassion - please email us and ask if you NEED it sooner. We also often arrange for special shipping options if you need it RIGHT AWAY. Cool party? Funeral? Wake? Ask...we may be able to get it to you in time!

Do You Deliver outside the US?
BUT Make sure to select the- "Global Priority" option - or email us for other shipping choices.

Can I pay with a money order or check?
Absolutely! Just go through the ordering process online to make sure you include the correct shipping fees and any applicable sales tax. Make checks payable to:
Eclectic By Design
Send payment to:
Eclectic By Design's SINISTER CANDY
925 Lakeville Street Suite 128
Petaluma, CA, 94952

Do You Have a Size Chart?
It's coming soon. If you have a question in the meantime, please email us at: orders@piratemod.com
(our brother company - we're all one big twisted family!)

What is your Return Policy?
We want you to be 100% happy with your Sinister Candy purchase! If it doesn't fit we will exchange it for another size of the same shirt with no restocking fee whatsoever. If there is anything wrong with the shirt (defective, wrong) we will refund your purchase upon receipt of the shirt.
Return requests must be within 7 days of receipt of product.

Is your shop open to the public?
Sorry, but at this time our manufacturing facility is not open to the public. If you want to see our lines in person please email us and ask if there is a store near you that carries Sinister Candy - we're happy to assist!

Where can I buy Sinister Candy locally?
See above - if there isn't a store near you that carries our products, ask them WHY NOT? And then tell us to send them wholesale information!

Who ARE you guys?
Well...guys and girls actually!
Eclectic By Design is founded by a group of designers, photographers and illustrators that love things dark. Our artistic bent includes black humor, old vampire movies, metaphysics, lovecraft, alice in wonderland, and a hundred other keywords that would seek to pigeonhole that which cannot be contained!
Suffice to say, that when we went into business together we all made an important decision: That we would ONLY create lines of designs that were in genres we really, REALLY like. Nothing else. NO hacking out stuff just cuz' it will sell. If it wasn't something we truly dug, we wouldn't make it. And YES, we design and/or research and/or photograph and/or illustrate everything you'll find here. It's all our work or research. We also manufacture/print all of our own clothes. None of this comes from anywhere but us!

Oh yeah, and we really like Pirates - check out our other product line if you like Skulls & Crossbones: