We've got BOATLOADS of new booty for 2007 -

We're very proud of our Heart & Crossed Swords, so wear it with pride and show the world how much you like them sexy swashbucklers!

The first in our "PIRATE U" designs is the University of Tortuga. A very cool design, with several more on the way!

We're also very proud to introduce our series of bags and backpacks!

Have some pirate-y fun with the new Will Work For Rum & Keep to the Code Shirts, and check out the cool compass rose in our "Here That Be Pirates" design. This also features a wild new crumbled black puff text!

We don't stop there!

For the hot pirate babes who want to show support of their captain, (or for those who are looking for the right position), we have the adorable
"First Mate" top!

In a wild fit of design and illustration, we mix an oversized print with distressed treasure maps, nearly-hidden text and sparkling gold "X Marks the Spot!"

And it wasn't enough for our little pal Scurvy the Plague Rat to appear only only on children's shirts. Here he makes his first appearance in our adult clothing lines...

And here's something we're pretty sure you've never seen anything like before:

PirateMod presents:

"Pirate Personal ADS!"

Our "Seeking Pirate Wench" and "Seeking Pirate Husband" shirts feature not only original interpretations of classic historical pirate wodcuts, but specially proclaim exacly what attributes a smart pirate woman or regular "pirate joe" is looking for in a nautical mate!

We're also proud to now offer some of our best selling designs on foil and black on black!

But don't just look here...a smart pirate digs through the whole site to find all the treasure! YARRR!

Looking for some new and unique Pirate Fashion that you WILL NOT find anywhere else?

Our designers have gone crazy this season and we're proud to present everything from new original illustrations, to high-end foil prints to new and exciting shirt styles!

At long last we've got our hands on STRIPEY PIRATE GIRL SHIRTS! And due to popular demand, we've created a series of shirtts with our original "Pirate Compass Rose!" In fact you can even get it in GOLD FOIL - for that Hi-Seas-Fashion Look!

PirateMod is also proud to introduce massively popular Jolly Roger 4 as a GIANT off-centered print on new garment Dye Tees, and also on these great new tees you'll find our Distressed Pirate Compass Rose!.

And if you like the look and feel of garment dyed clothes, you'll love our new Vintage Garment Dye Sweatshirt - with classic distressed Jolly Roger 1.

And be sure to check out our unique Calico Jack Skull & Swords in an oversized SILVER FOIL print!

but it doesn't stop there....