This is under constant development, Mateys!
If you have a question and don't see it here, please email us at (who knows - maybe your question will be posted here and you can feel responsible for informing millions!)

How long until my order gets shipped?

During the "season" we have loads of extra hook-handed peg-legged little elves in the warehouse making sure things get shipped as soon as possible and absolutely in time for gift-giving events! DURING the HOLIDAYS and right up until Dec 21st, most (if not all) orders will leave our shop in 1-3 days!
BUT it is ALWAYS a good idea to ORDER EARLY!

Holiday Shipping Deadlines:
We will do everything in our power to get you your order in time for the big day, but here's a few deadlines that will give you an idea of what *we* think is pretty close to correct:
International (outside the continental US): Dec 15th
US East Coast: Dec 19th
US West Coast: Dec 20th

If you waited until the last minute, and really, really need to make special arrangements (overnight express, etc.) please contact us at

US West Coast: Dec 21st: The US Post Office states that priority shipping that ships before 5:00pm will arrive monday before xmas....but if you wait until friday to order - while we will try our best - we cannot guarantee your order will go out the same day. It's a good idea to contact us before ordering ON friday the 21st if you hope to get your order before xmas!

Our standard current time until we ship out an order is 2-10 business days - that's BUSINESS days me buckos (mon-friday. [we try not to make our overworked crew work on the weekends!] (we're always working to speed up our shipping process - but we are getting a LOT of orders right now).
We often CAN expedite an order if you really need it for a special ocassion - please email us and ask if you NEED it sooner. We also often arrange for special shipping options for thems what gotta have it now - yarrr!
Note: 2XL & 3XL sizes can *sometimes* take up to an extra week to ship.

Do You Deliver outside the US?
As sure as Davey Jones is at the bottom o' the Sea - yes!
BUT - the default shipping you will be charged is for ground and that's pretty slow. We recommend that at checkout you choose the "Global Priority" option - or email us for other shipping choices.

Can I pay with a money order or check?
Absolutely! Just go through the ordering process online to make sure you include the correct shipping fees and any applicable sales tax. Make checks payable to:
Eclectic By Design
Send payment to:
Eclectic By Design's PIRATEMOD
925 Lakeville Street Suite 128
Petaluma, CA, 94952

Do You Have a Size Chart?

What is your Return Policy?
We want you to be 100% happy with your PirateMod purchase! If it doesn't fit we will exchange it for another size of the same shirt with no restocking fee whatsoever. If there is anything wrong with the shirt (defective, wrong) we will refund your purchase upon receipt of the shirt.
However we cannot exchange one product for a different item - only for size issues.
Refund requests must be made within 30 days.

Is your shop open to the public?
Sorry, but at this time our manufacturing facility is not open to the public. If you want to see our lines in person please email us and ask if there is a store near you that carries PirateMod - we're happy to assist!

Where can I buy PirateMod locally?
See above - if there isn't a store near you that carries our products, ask them WHY NOT? And then tell us to send them wholesale information!

Some of the models on your site are wearing cool frock coats and pirate hats - can I buy these things too?
We don't currently stock traditional pirate costuming or weaponry. But if you check out our links page there are several good sites that have costume patterns, sell these things, or will even custom design them for you...for a price, bucko!